Favorite Tools

Custom Tags
from Laser Llama Boutique (top left)

  • These tags are amazing! The quality is perfect for crochet projects: flexible but sturdy. They don’t rub weirdly against the skin and feel soft to the touch. Mattie is wonderful to work with on your custom design. She puts so much love and care into each order!

Chicago Screw Trivets (Amazon affiliate link)

  • These trivets are perfect for attaching tags securely to a wide variety of projects.

Scale (Amazon affiliate link)

  • I love this scale that I found on Amazon! It makes figuring out the yardage and weights of projects a breeze, which is helpful when writing patterns and mailing completed items!

Scissors (WeCrochet affiliate link)

  • I use these scissors all the time. They are so sharp and cut cleanly through a large variety of yarn types. They fit in any bag. Buy one, buy 10! You can’t go wrong with these travel scissors!

Coffee Stitch Markers (top right low middle)

  • Aren’t these just the cutest?! With a name like The Coffee Shop Crochet, coffee stitch markers are a must have! There are two different clasp types: the lobster clasp and a French hook. I love both, but the French hook works with a larger variety of yarns and thicknesses.

Long Hook Yarn Weaver (Amazon affiliate link)

  • This is one of those tools that you never knew you needed! If you despise weaving in ends, this hook is for you! Check out this video of how it works (coming soon)!

Clover Amour Hooks (WeCrochet affiliate link)

  • I’ve used Boye hooks my entire life. They’re wonderful, affordable, and sturdy. I never saw a need to invest in a good set of hooks. How much better could they really be? Well, if you have any wrist or hand pain while crocheting, a quality set is worth investing in! These hooks are much more comfortable in my hands when crocheting for long periods of time. The bright colors make it easy to tell the sizes apart and find them when they disappear!

Swatch and Needle Gauge (WeCrochet affiliate link)

  • A good swatch gauge is a must if you are crocheting any type of clothing or project that requires exact sizing. This guide from Clover is perfect! There are two pieces, both sturdy plastic. It fits easily in most crochet bags and makes figuring out gauge a breeze!

Yarn Winder (WeCrochet affiliate link)

  • If you’ve ever thought, “I don’t need a yarn winder. My hand rolled yarn balls work just fine,” this yarn winder is for you. I never understood the hype behind a yarn winder. Whoo, it winds my yarn. Yippee. I just didn’t get it. Until I started by yarn hanks and realized that hand rolling them takes forever… and from there, I tried it on my scrap yarn…and skeins…and other cakes just because. I was hooked! It actually makes storing my scrap yarn easier because I can stack it and it doesn’t roll everywhere. This particular winder is sturdy, but cost effective for the average crocheter.

Ring Light (Amazon affiliate link)

  • Taking good photos in good light is difficult when you live in Pennsylvania. The overcast winter days stretch on into the quickly arriving evenings. The chance for well-light photos is few and far between. A ring light solves that problem! This ring light has multiple settings and shades of light. It’s been perfect for taking amazing photos on less-than-amazing days.

Locking Stitch Markers (500 Count, 240 Count) (Amazon affiliate link)

Large Mesh Hanging Sweater Dryer (WeCrochet affiliate link):

  • I despise blocking. It’s time-consuming and space-consuming. However, some projects (sweaters and clothes, in particular) require blocking. I have kids. Leaving something lay on the floor to dry for an extended time is just not an option, especially right now! This hanging drying rack has been perfect! I can block my clothes, and then hang them on the shower rod to dry. When I’m done, I just fold it up and put it away. A time and space saver…something everyone needs!

Crochet Bags

  • Large Project Bag (Amazon affiliate link): The amount of yarn I can store in this bag is amazing! I’m working on a fantastically, cozy cabled cardigan made with up-cycled wool at the moment and the entire project fits into this amazing bag! Being able to keep all the yarn, pattern, WIP, and tools I’m using for it in one place is amazing. I’m not constantly searching for one small aspect (usually my hook or stitch markers) before working on my project; I can just grab and go!
  • 31 Large Utility Tote: I love using this tote for my afghan projects. I can keep the afghan in here as I work on it, tote it with me when I’m on-the-go, or just store it here safely while I’m distracted by other projects!
  • Lemeso Yarn Tote (Amazon affiliate link):

Crochet Hook Cases

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