TCSC: Goals & Plans for 2022

It’s crazy to think that somehow it’s already 2022! Where has the time gone?!

2021 was a year of learning and growth. There are many things that I loved doing and a few that I won’t do again…but they all helped me decide which direction to go with The Coffee Shop Crochet for 2022.

I’ve broken it down into sections to make following along with the TCSC 2022 Goals & Plans a little easier…mostly for me so I don’t get lost in my own plan!


  • Goals for 2022
  • Social Theme Days
  • Giveaways
  • Blog Hops
  • New Designs & Testing Calls
  • Collaboration Projects
  • Blog Posts

Goals for 2022

  • Share more of me with my followers
    • Be in front of the camera more (something I’m not great at but working on!)
    • Be my authentic, eccentric self (sarcastic, down to earth, fun-loving, introverted, goofy, legging & hoodie loving, messy mom bun, coffee-fueled, slightly messy, creative, yarn hoarder…)
    • Share what I want to share vs what helps the algorithm (I wasted a lot of precious time trying to get it right instead of just being myself last year. Too much work and energy wasted!)
  • Blogging 2-4 times a month
  • Participate in 2-4 Blog Hops
  • Collaboration Projects
  • Designing and Releasing New Patterns (my goal is 12 new patterns for the year!)
  • Making more videos
    • Funny videos for TikTok
    • Stitch tutorials for Instagram and Youtube
    • Reels for Instagram
  • Creating 2-4 Giveaways
  • Releasing a pattern bundle/ebook (This one scares me a little! It’s such a huge goal…but one that I’m really excited about!)

Social Theme Days for 2022

To make posting a little easier, I decided to do theme days that aligned with my goals for this year!

Mondays – Meet Me Mondays

  • I’ll share about me, some of my favorite things, favorite projects, my family and our lives, gardening, books I really love…lots of randomness”!

Tuesday – Texture & Tool Tuesday

  • It may be a new stitch I’m really loving that I want to share, a new stitch that I found that is just too cool, or some of my favorite business and crochet tools.

Wednesday – WIP Wednesday

  • I can’t skip the opportunity to share what’s going on behind the scenes with my current projects! Prepare for yarn mayhem on Wednesdays!

Thursday – This or That/Throwback

  • One of the best things last year was seeing various This or That posts and learning about my followers and fellow makers. So I have a whole line up of fun ones to share!
  • Some of the time, I will also share random throwbacks instead of a This or That post!

Friday – Fiber Friday/Feature Friday

  • Whether it’s a new yarn to share, a cool new yarn store I found, an interesting fact I learned about yarn, or just some random yarnness related content, it’ll show up on Friday!
  • Friday will also be the day I feature sales, new releases, upcoming pattern tests, etc.

Saturday – Small Business Shoutout/What’s the Stitch

  • For the beginning part of 2022, I’m doing a really awesome Saturday series of Small Business Shoutouts! These will be other makers, designers, and business owners that I have loved working with and find incredibly helpful to my life and business. I hope you’ll love them just as much!
  • Later in the year, I’m planning a series focused on stitches and stitch combos that I really love with various uses for those stitches called “What’s the Stitch?”.

Sunday – Self-Care Sunday

  • One of the things I really struggled with in 2021 is proper and sufficient self-care. For 2022, my personal goal is to focus on self-care…so join me! I’ll be sharing some fun monthly BINGO games, favorite self-care items, books and audiobooks, coffee…anything self-care!


The goal is one giveaway each quarter…and they will be fun giveaways! I’ll be giving away some fun crochet tools, patterns, and some other little fun stuff!

Blog Hops

Blog Hops were something I was really nervous about in 2021, but I ended up absolutely loving! For 2022, I’m planning on participating in one blog hop per quarter for a total of 4 for the year.

New Designs & Testing Calls

The goal for 2022 is to design and publish 12 new patterns!

Several of these designs are already in the works and will need pattern testers…so make sure you follow me on Instagram (@thecoffeeshopcrochet) and sign-up for my e-newsletter (click here to sign-up) to be in the know about testing calls!

Collaboration Projects

I really enjoyed getting to try new yarns and make designs with them in 2021. In 2022, I’m hoping to expand and work with a few other yarn companies, as well as some indie yarn dyers. If you know of anyone looking for collaborators, let me know!!

Blog Posts

Ideally, I’d love to blog once a week, so that is my ultimate goal. However, life rarely goes exactly as planned so my back-up goal is twice a month. I truly enjoy writing and look forward to getting back into it with a subject I love: yarn and crochet (and coffee…duh!)!

If you have any suggestions on content you’d like to see, comment here or send me a message!

Whew! That was a lot!! Thank you if you stuck it out to the end!! I’m excited for all the great things to come in 2022! Drop me a note in the comments about your goals for the year or about one of my goals that you’re excited for!

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